avatars memory website is a project which questions our past and present digital identities on the web. What proportion do our numerical lives take on our daily reality with social networking? How far do our virtual identities affect our daily life?

in spite of their ephemeral characters, our virtual lives seem more and more permeable with our real lives. We contribute to communities, 'social networking' on internet. Sometimes we have true relations with digital people but without knowing our real interlocutors directly.

these identities like: loggin, mail address, contour, simple avatars are so many digital characters created for opportunity and which come one after each other. They replace themselves and faint in time for various reasons without a trace of remaining.These ephemeral lives, these little deceases which disappear in a forgotten virtual space-time, are passages which take place in silence.

in order to the memory of the disappeared avatars, avatarsmemory.com has been invented to create a graveyard for these lost avatars. this graveyard aim is to accept 'numerical spoils' and to take a stock of them on a register footprint. this online database gives birth to a space of memory which marks the passage of irremovable time faced with our numerous social existence on internet.


" Extend the memory of missing avatars ", here is the objective of avatarsmemory.com. At a time of the different virtual space-time, the question of "physical" friendly or professional link, finds a certain place with the usage of new technologies. Across social networks and platforms of exchanges, the human nature transforms herself and acquires a certain form of reality…

Since, if the man achieves these new forms of virtual sociability some legitimate questions come to settle us. What attracts the men in his new worlds? What they make there? Is it a new reality? From alternative societies? A new interface in the world? What will be the men of tomorrow who will have virtual memories as well printed in mind as real ones? A question which has put down already in 1962, in the film « La jetée » of Chris Marker.