I. Avatars Memory is not a commercial website

II. Avatars Memory is an free access database to the internet users.

III. The aim of this website is to create a memorial for the dead virtual identities.

IV. Internet users binds to follow the rules of good manners.

V. In the case of a doubt on some information saved on this website, Avatars Memory administrators keep a right of reserve and withdrawal. The profiles which would not answer the criterias or those who would see being impostures will be deleted immediately from the database.

Specific issues :

In a case of a third person would supply some information which are not his, It is asked to the contributor to respect the integrity and the digital identity of the deceased.

Rules of manners :

I. The input information must be sincere to respect the good behaviour and the development of this memorial website. Its objectives are based on the action of contribution of one or several communities.

II. Do not disturb this place of memory by registering some profiles which had never existed. Avatars Memory addresses only identities which are not used any more or obsolete.

III. The picture registered during the record of your identity has to be one of the dead avatar. This picture is not an obligation. In some cases, the digital identities do not possess visual or physical representation. In this case, it is asked not to add picture to the avatar.